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The line between succes & failure is LEADERSHIP

Contrary to common belief, Leadership is not only limited to leading others or a team, Leadership starts with you and is the fine line between success and failure and here is why.

Leadership is relevant in every area of your life - the first step is leading yourself, that means being confident, setting boundaries, being aware of your own shortcomings, reflecting on yourself and your actions and regulating your feelings and your energy. The horses show you immediately if you are leading yourself, if so, the horse will follow your lead. If you are insecure it will doubt following you and step over your boundaries.

Leading others starts with the ones closest to you - your spouse, your kids, your family, your pets. The ones closest to us are usually the ones that we need to lead most and that are most difficult to set-up boundaries with and keep our confidence and be aligned in our center. Most of us struggle most with claiming our leadership space with our parents, our kids and our spouse. Horses are the best teachers when it comes to setting boundaries, saying no and claiming your own space.

Leading clients and your boss, your managers - the next stage includes leading the ones you serve. Instead of taking and following orders, you are leading your clients and your boss professionally and proactively with foresight and taking the initiative. Leadership is most important in the sales process and the negotiation process, so when you are selling your services you need to lead and when you need to negotiate a project, position, or salary with your manager. The horses show you where you are leading your clients and your managers or where you are being led, right up to sales and negotiation skills.

Leading others and the masses - and the ability to influence others. From leading 5 to thousands the principle is the same - you need to motivate, inspire, encourage, praise, give direction, empower others and lastly it all depends on your ability to influence others. Together with the horses we can test the abilities of leadership on the highest level including emotional intelligence and inspiration. When the horses follow your lead without any tools you are ready to be an influential leader.

At the end of the day, success is a combination of the ability to lead on all areas, leading yourself, your immediate surrounding and leading the masses.

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