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Brief overview of Nadia in the Media. 

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THE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PODCAST "Energetics and Leadership with Horse Assisted Coaching". with Daria Vodopianova

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Marketing and Branding Strategies

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Experience Report Sales Workshop



PEAK POTENTIAL SUCCESS SHOW with FONG CHUA - Finally following your Passion Business. 

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Fashion Camp

Treat Your Brand As Your Hottest Love Affair“ mit Nadia Boersch



What Happens When You Treat Your Brand Like The Hottest Love Affair You Ever Had

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Brand & Marketing Strategist  Nadia Boersch Interview

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Getting Brandalytical With Global Brand Atrategist Nadia Boersch


Here you find Nadia's Biography


Nadia Boersch is training the leaders of tomorrow throughout Europe, though the power of the horses. Since early childhood, she has been interpreting the language of animals, in particular horses. She has 20 years of experience in horsemanship - the natural communication method with horses. Today she empowers Leaders with her horses to tap into the horse power they have within. Nadia developed the methodology Leadership by Presence, in which leaders learn to rise to the Leaders Elite by increasing their presence, their natural authority and charisma. Together with the master teachers, the horses, Nadia trains Entrepreneurs, Manager and Top-Executives and teaches Leadership at the Academy of Leadership Sciences in Switzerland. She has made it her mission to create powerful female leaders, that are confident and authentically themselves. Nadia had spent 10 years in Marketing positions in Fortune 500 companies such as Nestlé, Philip Morris and Uber before founding a consulting company in Marketing and training Leaders in Leadership globally. She also speaks on the stages globally on Leadership by Presence and Branding & Marketing. 

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