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There is no other methodology that allows leaders to actually practice & Evolve their leadership skills-the horses give us immediate & judgment free feedback

Areas we work ON with Horses

All offers can be tailored to your needs.

These Trainings are set up for Teams of Leaders.

In order to reach their full potential, we also work with leaders in an 1-2-1 coaching setting with and without the horses, either on a one-off basis or for several months.


C-Level Leadership

Management teams are vital for organizational success. Coaching with horses offers a customized approach, enhancing leadership, communication, and collaboration skills to improve team effectiveness, leading to better organizational performance and employee satisfaction.


Female Leadership

A specialized approach to leadership development that involves working with horses as co-facilitators. This coaching method is particularly designed to empower and support women in leadership roles, helping them harness their unique strengths and abilities.


Future Leaders

Future leader training with horses offers a transformative and memorable experience that equips emerging leaders with the skills, confidence, and self-awareness needed to excel in their future leadership roles.


Young Female Leadership Program

We work with Young/Junior Female Leaders over a period of either 3 or 6 months. ​​Women can learn a lot when it comes to leadership from the alpha mare - trust, responsibility, social skills, being naturally feminine. They lead not by authority, but by their sheer presence and an inner sense of knowing what is right. 


Transformational Leadership Training

Transformational leadership training emphasizes inspiring and motivating teams to achieve higher levels of performance. It helps leaders develop a vision, communicate it effectively, and create an environment where employees feel empowered and motivated to innovate and excel


Emotional Intelligence (EI) Leadership Training

Emotional intelligence training focuses on developing self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, and interpersonal skills. Leaders with high EI can manage their emotions and understand others' feelings, leading to better relationships and more effective leadership.


Innovative Leadership Training

Innovation-focused training helps leaders foster a culture of creativity and innovation within their teams. Leaders learn techniques to encourage idea generation, manage risk-taking, and create an environment that supports experimentation.


Sales Leadership Training

Sales leadership training with horses provides a dynamic and memorable way to develop essential sales leadership skills, ultimately leading to more effective sales leaders, improved customer relationships, and enhanced sales team performance


Speaking Training

Public Speaking Training with horses is a unique and experiential approach to enhancing public speaking skills. This form of coaching involves interacting with horses to develop various aspects of effective stage presence, communication, and presentation abilities.

 The Impact

Dr. Fadil Citaku, PhD, Professor of Leadership and Owner of the Academy of Leadership Sciences in Zurich Switzerland about his experience on what we can learn from horses on actually DOING leadership and about the two main leadership factors EQ and IQ. 

Michelle Olufeso, Financial & Accounting Expert, gives insights into how her life changed after spending 4 days with the horses in Nadia's training. The funny thing is, as a left-brain thinker Michelle does not do animals and much less emotions, so the experiences she had were beyond surprising to her. 

WAYS to work with us
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For Everyone:

Free experiential events

Open-enrollment workshops


For Companies

Full-day trainings tailored specifically for companies 


Programs that run over several months for young managers and female leaders 

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Private Sessions

Personalized individual coaching sessions available with the horses either in person and also in an online format

Client Stories: Leadership Coaching

Client Stories: Leadership Coaching

Client Stories: Leadership Coaching

Client Stories: Leadership Coaching
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Client Story: Leadership Coaching - Leading whilst dealing with Emotions

Client Story: Leadership Coaching - Leading whilst dealing with Emotions

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Client Story: Leadership Coaching with Horses - a must-try experience

Client Story: Leadership Coaching with Horses - a must-try experience

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Client Story: Leadership Coaching with Horses - A truly unexceptional experience

Client Story: Leadership Coaching with Horses - A truly unexceptional experience

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Client Story: Horse Coaching – Transformational Experience with the Horses

Client Story: Horse Coaching – Transformational Experience with the Horses

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How the Horse Coaching Works

Why Horse-Coaching is probably the only training that allows us to practice the embodiment of Leadership:


It does not matter what your title is… if you are a CEO, Manager, Entrepreneur, Coach, Teacher, Politicians, Leadership is a skill that all of us need in order to succeed in career, business, but also in life, and it is a skill that we are never done learning and developing further and further.  

So why are horses one of the most effective training methods for Leadership? 

The most important factor when it comes to leadership is the embodiment of leadership, yet it is without a doubt the most difficult to train, and usually takes years of trial and error, and training on the job. This is where the horses come in: they allow us to practice the embodiment of leadership and give us real time feedback. Meaning that once we master being and feeling an authentic leader they will show us that we are walking the talk. This is what makes this training not only one of a kind but also fast tracking the embodiment of leadership. 


Horses can read our conscious and subconscious, they feel what you feel and they show it. This is not a woo-hoo experience, they provide powerful breakthroughs without failure. Every session or workshop with them is different and will reveal something different. Any characteristic of a powerful leader we can copy from the horses, adapt to ourselves to have a more powerful presence, confidence and leadership style. 

 Benefits for Leaders

Improved Relationships

Improve the relationships you have with the people surrounding you, professionally, and in your private life. Identify & resolve conflicts with ease.


Experience Leadership

The direct feedback from the horses is the only method where you can experience and practice YOUR leadership skills in real life and apply them. 



Redisover who you are where you are going - rediscover yourself, your passion, aliveness, and joy.

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