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The horses and I have moved to Belgium 🇧🇪

New year, new life here we go. Tomorrow my things are delivered to my new home. A few weeks ago I left my appartment in Vienna and am “officially” starting my new life in ... Belgium .

So tomorrow, I will - what else - be taking time to celebrate the completion of this process, and taking a moment to take it all in.

A lot of people have been reaching out to me in the past months and weeks… “What a jump”, “What a move”, “What a leap of faith”, “How bold of you”, and “Whats his name”… were some of the things that came up.

But mostly it was “How will you…?”

My answer 99% of the time was… I have no f***** idea, but it all feels so easy and natural and that I walk into this with trust and faith.

I would lie if I would say this was a walk in the park all the way and that at times I did not experience fear or doubt. I too have that little voice that comes and visits me from time to time .

But, I know when I follow my intuition and trust in divine timing, inspite of fear and doubt blissful magic happens - always .

I manifested this, all of it.

I manifested this relationship (20 years ago). I manifested moving 1100km away from “home”. I manifested the smoothest process of getting a new home and the moving process. I manifested a new home for my horses. I manifested new friends.

And as I continue to manifest… to find a way to continue working with the horses in Austria, to find a way to start this work with the horses here in Belgium, to find new ways of expanding this work across Europe, and soon globally… to connect with more people here I am excited and grateful for all that is, and all that is to come… and I trust that what is meant to be will be .

Xoxo, Nadia

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