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The Horse Coaching Files Part 1 - The Narcissist


EPISODE 1 - The Narcissist….

I promised to share more about the work with the horses. Some of the things I experience in the coaching are truly unbelievable.

It happens more and more regularly that during a workshop or a session I say something like... “did this really just happen , did everybody else just see what happened?”

So I am proud to introduce “the horse coaching files”, where I will share some stories of the coaching with my horses - in an anonymous way .

So here it goes... THE NARCISSIST.

A little while ago I held a Manifestation Workshop, and even though it was well booked, through different circumstances, we ended up with only one lady in the workshop. Let’s call her JANE. I knew there was a reason behind her being alone in this workshop, something special she had come for, I did not know what… but I knew we would find out.

One of the first things we do in the workshop is that we manifest the horse we would be working with on that day to come to us. Unfortunately, my mare, that we were planning to work with, would not come near us, and every time Jane approached the mare, she ran away, and not only a little bit, but to the other end of the field. No matter what Jane tried, the mare always turned her back on us and it felt like she was fleeing from us.

In the meantime, another horse, -that did not belong to me- was always in close proximity to us, and got in contact with Jane several times, grazing around her, but also pushing her aside with his head. She tried to ask him to leave. But he did not want to. I said to Jane, “I dont like this horse, he does not have a good character, he has little respect for humans, he is a bully and -sidenote: the first time I ever used that term in my life to describe a horse- he is a narcissist.”

Jane looked at me with huge eyes and started crying… After a few minutes I asked her what was going on… and she said… “My Husband is a Narcissist, and he won’t leave me alone, whatever I try to do, he is always there, and he always stops me.”

WOW. I was flabbergasted. She was flabbergasted, and honestly I think the horses were flabbergasted too.

“The horses always give you what you came for, but sometimes you come for something different than you think you came for.” I said.

She cried some more. She realised what she had come for. And what the horse was showing her and reflecting back to her, her energy, and the energy of her husband.

We worked with the horse on her making peace with the narcissist, first the horse, then her husband. After the peacemaking with the "horse-husband", my mare finally approached Jane and we could work with her on fine-tuning the other topics she had "actually" come for...

A few weeks later she reported back to me, that her husband “changed” his behaviour completely towards her, and that she still speaks to the “horse-husband” sometimes in her thoughts. And I knew why on that day the workshop was dedicated to Jane, and Jane alone.

IMAGE from a past workshop just for attention - this is NOT Jane .

Next story to be posted soon... The Client that never came...

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