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21 days of MORE ...

Start 2024 opening up to MORE in all areas of your life


At the end of the year 2 years I wanted to start into 2022 setting myself up for success…

So I decided to dedicate myself to this by doing it for 21 days. 

And instead of doing it alone, I invited some amazing ladies to be part of it. 

It became one of my favorite programs of last year, and it because of this program I was able to hold this energy really high, and also whenever I felt my energy flopping, I would go back to the program and "use" some of my "own medicine". 

It was intuitively created following a mixture of some of the best advice I repeatedly give to my clients, what I needed most and what the group needed to be paced into a program. 

The vibes of this program were mind-blowing, it changed peoples lives, set them up in a positive spirit for the entire year, and they went back to listen to sessions of the program over and over again. 

This programme is for you if you tick one or more of the following boxes: 

You feel stressed, tired, burnt out and desire to change to live your life with more ease and intentionalitly. 

You feel constantly worried, like what you do its not good enough and if you are failingi in different areas of your life. 

You live life in push push energy, constantly doing, and desire a life with more joy, happiness and moments to yourself and more being. 

You love your job and life, yet you feel unfullfilled and constantly as if something is missing, no matter what you tried it does not work. 

AND IF you desire MORE OF... 

MORE life-force energy

MORE being 

MORE motivation

MORE joy & fun  

MORE manifestations 

MORE intentionality

MORE gratitude

MORE clients

MORE money 

MORE celebrations...? 

So I thought, wouldn't it be FUN if we could all do this together

in a community of wonderful human beings, 

21 DAYS OF MORE in all areas of life. 




This is a program that we walk together side by side, 

and experience this beautiful journey together. 

Details… And sign up below ;) 



  • 21 DAYS +1,

    • Then we start on January 2nd at 9am with starting to set intentions. 

    • I will go live every other day at 9am and in-between I send you transmissions via voice message on Telegram.  

  • There are exercises and homework every day, and should take you approx  20-30min per day. 

  • We will have a Telegram group to celebrate and hold each other accountable.  

  • Price: 222 EUR +21% VAT. 

Let's make 2024 one to remember. 

If you feel this in your body, I would love for you to join me for this RIDE TO MORE... 


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Expert on Business Models, Aligned Sales, Lead Generation, Leadership & Confidence

In these 21+1 DAYS we will have fun, we will go deep and far, I will challenge you, you will have more confidence, more energy, more fun... well just MORE in all areas of your life... 

I am beyond excited TO DO THIS WITH YOU! 


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“Nadia is very easy to remember because her topic is very interesting. What I really love about Nadia is she treats her brand like her best love affair. Nadia is one of my favourite speakers at Global Woman Club and I will definitely to invite her to speak again.”

Mirela Sula , Founder of Global Woman Club


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