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Get more clients!
Increase sales! 


The key struggle most Coaches and Consultants have is getting new clients...

It should be easy, fun and fast, getting you the right clients (the dream clients), and it should result in sealing the deal.


The reality is, for most Coaches and Consultants, it is the most dreaded and activity of their business. 

Its very simple: The most important part of the Sales Process is YOU! 

Together with the horses we:

Test & Improve every part of the Sales Process. 

  • Attracting Clients 

  • Lead Generation 

  • Networking

  • Visbility

  • Pitching 

  • Pricing 

  • Closing the deal 

Discover & Eliminate your challenges of getting new clients 

More clients!?

Let the horses show you HOW...

Watch this overview video...

What do horses have to do with getting new leads?


Horses offer us the ONLY Methodology to test REAL LIFE and with IMMEDIATE and JUDEGEMENT-FREE FEEDBACK our skills in any area of life. So also in SALES and the way WE DEAL WITH GETTING NEW CLIENTS. 

Horses are magical animals.

They have a 6th sense and can read our conscious and subconscious.


This is what makes them such powerful teachers: they mirror our energy and thoughts, our blockages, our fears and give us direct, immediate, yet judgement-free feedback, in other words you get to practice the leader or the person you want to be.


They feel what you feel and they show it. This is not a whoo-whoo experience, they provide powerful breakthroughs without failure. Every session and experience is different and will reveal something different.


These animals are often described as powerful, magic and majestic almost mystical creatures, they are both admired and respected. These characteristics we can copy and adapt to ourselves from them to have a more powerful presence, confidence and leadership style and ultimately more leads, more sales, more clients. 



How it works.. 

By clicking "IM IN" - you sign up for a FREE CONVERSATION, to elaborate if this training is for you, and will help solve the problem YOU HAVE in sales.

There are limited spots available (15), so please ONLY book a session to talk to Nadia if you are serious about taking the session. 


The session will take 60-90 min, depending on how fast we are through / have solved your defined problem in Sales. 

Please be aware that the promotion is limited to 15 spots ONLY, only for women and needs to booked and paid until18th of March 2021 and be redeemed until 30th of April. We will make an appointment 

SPECIAL OFFER ONLY ***250 EUR (excl. VAT) instead of 350 EUR (excl. VAT)*** 

COVID-19 Measures: 

Since we are working OUTSIDE with the horses, and will keep more than 2m distance, a mask is not required, if you want to wear one, you are welcome to do so. 

There is disinfectant and hand-washing available at the premises.

You need no previous experiences or knowledge with horses. General Terms & Conditions apply. 


This work with the horses is POWERFUL AND TRULY TRANSFORMATIONAL. On top of that is is FUN, and SALES becomes so EASY and enjoyable. 

 If you had any fears regarding getting new clients, they will be blown away - the horses and I will have your back every step of the way! 

I am beyond excited to share this with you and to make sales the easiest and most normal thing for you. 


PS: Curious to understand what it means to use the "horse energy"..?? 

Check out my "Self-test" video below to understand the "MAGIC" that these creatures are capable of when it comes to reading your subconscious... 

Mirela Sula.jpg

“Nadia is very easy to remember because her topic is very interesting. What I really love about Nadia is she treats her brand like her best love affair. Nadia is one of my favourite speakers at Global Woman Club and I will definitely to invite her to speak again.”

Mirela Sula , Founder of Global Woman Club

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