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Manifestation Uplevel 
Portugal 2022

It is time to uplevel your manifesation game... 

Let the horses show you HOW...

Horses can read your Energy-field & frequency,

and give you immediate and unfiltered feedback.


They can feel your conscious and sub-conscious energy blocks, and lead you to your individual manifestation-frequency. 

I invite you to a journey, to let the horses show you that woman you desire to be...

A woman with intuition, instinct, power, presence that can manifest her dreams with ease and flow. 


What do horses have to do with manifesting?


Horses offer us the ONLY Methodology to test REAL LIFE and with IMMEDIATE and JUDGEMENT-FREE FEEDBACK our skills and energy frequency in any area of life.

Horses are magical animals.

They have a 6th sense and can read our conscious and subconscious.


This is what makes them such powerful teachers: they mirror our energy and thoughts, our blockages, our fears and give us direct, immediate, yet judgement-free feedback, they show us where our life is in a flow state and where it is not. 

In other words you get to practice to be the leader or the person you want to be in the energy field you want to be in. 


They feel what you feel and they show it. This is not a whoo-whoo experience, they provide powerful breakthroughs without failure. Every session and experience is different and will reveal something different.


These animals are often described as the epitome of freedom, power, magic and majestic almost mystical creatures, they are both admired and respected. These characteristics we can copy and adapt to ourselves from them to have a more powerful presence, confidence. 

In terms of manifesting there are no better teachers than horses. They give us the opportunity to test our manifestation skills, our energy frequency related to the manifestation we want to call into our lives and can increase this frequency step by step and testing it every step of the way. 

Especially women can learn a lot from horses, especially the power of the mares...

Trust, Power, Responsibility, Leadership, Social Skills and natural feminine energy. 

They are able to redefine the terms  "attraction energy", "vibes" and are able to embody a magical female presence and aura. 




16th - 22nd of May 2022

Workshop in the group every day from 9-13h. 

ONE 1-2-1 90 min session.

(Additional 1-2-1 sessions can be booked in advance or at the location if still available). 

What is the agenda? 

Manifestation is an individual process. That is why this retreat is created based on the individual desires, goals & needs of the participants.

These will be evaluated each day and redefined every single day through Nadia.

There will be daily exercises and self-evaluation experiences.  

Before the retreat Nadia will lead individual conversations (30 min) to define the individual intentions for the retreat. 

What else is planned? 

We have planned different additional activities like Yoga, Meditation, Riding the horses. 

What is included? 

- 6 Luxury Rooms available with ensuite bathrooms

- Rooms are intended for single usage, if you would like to come with a second person a reduced fee applies. 

- Food & drinks is included. 

- All planned additional activities are included. 

- Not included are flight & activities that you would like to do additionally that are not part of the programme. 



The Location

This lovely finca will be our location for the week, just an hour from Portugals capital Lisbon. 


The Rooms

 6 luxurious rooms are available, each with ensuite bathrooms .


Lots of room...

to socialize, to spend time together and apart. 



Food & Drinks are included



there are so many opportunities for you to relax, by the pool, taking a walk, doing yoga. 



we have planned -optional- activities for your ultimate experience like yoga, horse riding, walks etc. 


until 31.12.2021

EUR 1999.-*

for 2 people in the room: 

EUR 1666.-* 

Ask us for Payment Plan 

*Prices excl. 20% VAT

** Terms & Conditions Apply**

by pressing "Click here" you will send an Email to ask for more information, or request booking 

Attention max. participants: 8


until 1.4.2022 

EUR 2222.-* (subject to increase)

for 2 people in the room: 

EUR 1888.-* 

Ask us for a payment plan

*Prices excl. 20%VAT 

** Terms & Conditions Apply**

by pressing "Click here" you will send an Email to ask for more information, or request booking 

Attention max. participants: 8


The Magic of Attraction... 

No matter where you are in your manifestation journey,

The horses give you the unique opportunity to test your attraction and manifestation skills,

and set them on fire... 

I am beyond excited to share this journey with you and to empower your manifestation game. 

This is just the beginning... 


PS: Curious to understand what it means to use the "horse energy"..?? 

Check out my "Self-test" video below to understand the "MAGIC" that these creatures are capable of when it comes to reading your subconscious... 

Mirela Sula.jpg

“Nadia is very easy to remember because her topic is very interesting. What I really love about Nadia is she treats her brand like her best love affair. Nadia is one of my favourite speakers at Global Woman Club and I will definitely to invite her to speak again.”

Mirela Sula , Founder of Global Woman Club

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