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About Me: About Me
Experience MAGIC 
through the power of the 

Tap into the Manifesation-Frequency of the horses... 

and move beyond your desires ...

Horses can read your Energy-field & frequency,

and give you immediate and unfiltered feedback.


They can feel your conscious and sub-conscious energy blocks,

but more importantly they lead you to your individual manifestation-frequency, 

the frequency where ANYTHING BECOMES POSSIBLE.... 

and you experience what it is like when you tap into your true power... 

With the horses, we will tap into this frequency. 

The horses and myself will show you what your individual frequency looks like. 

And you will go home a changed woman... (In fact many attendees have given us this feedback, about how much just 1 day changed their life). 

The coffee with horses, gives you a sneak peak into their energy. 

In the workshop we go deeper and it is dedicated to anyone who wants to unleash what stands between them and their greatest desires. 

What do horses have to do with manifesting?


Horses offer us the ONLY Methodology to test REAL LIFE and with IMMEDIATE and JUDGEMENT-FREE FEEDBACK our skills and energy frequency in any area of life.

Horses are magical animals.

They have a 6th sense and can read our conscious and subconscious.


This is what makes them such powerful teachers: they mirror our energy and thoughts, our blockages, our fears and give us direct, immediate, yet judgement-free feedback, they show us where our life is in a flow state and where it is not. 

In other words you get to practice to be the leader or the person you want to be in the energy field you want to be in. 


They feel what you feel and they show it. This is not a whoo-whoo experience, they provide powerful breakthroughs without failure. Every session and experience is different and will reveal something different.


These animals are often described as the epitome of freedom, power, magic and majestic almost mystical creatures, they are both admired and respected. These characteristics we can copy and adapt to ourselves from them to have a more powerful presence, confidence. 

In terms of manifesting there are no better teachers than horses. They give us the opportunity to test our manifestation skills, our energy frequency related to the manifestation we want to call into our lives and can increase this frequency step by step and testing it every step of the way. 

Especially women can learn a lot from horses, especially the power of the mares...

Trust, Power, Responsibility, Leadership, Social Skills and natural feminine energy. 

They are able to redefine the terms  "attraction energy", "vibes" and are able to embody a magical female presence and aura. 



In this 2h sneak peak, we let you experience the energy of the horses up close and explain how the magic works. 


From 10.30 - 12.30 you get to experience the magic of the horses with a short demonstration of our work, whilst enjoying a cup of coffee and some lovely cake.  

  • Experience the horses and their energy up close. 

  • We will lead you through some small exercises to give you a feeling for the horses 

  • Understand how horses read your energy and on which energy levels we are operating on 

  • Understand how horses mirror your subconscious (and show you “yes” and “no” very clearly).

  • Understand how horses show us our leadership qualities (in all areas of life). 


This is ideal for: 

  • Managers that are interested in team buildings or leadership trainings, that are completely different. 

  • Entrepereneurs that want to test their ability to attract others and how others perceive them. 

  • People that have respect and or fear of horses. 

  • “Horse-People” that are considering to do a coaching education with horses. 

  • Anyone who just want to experience it 


This is a free event, but we have limited availability, so please register below to receive all information and keep updated. 

We have limited capacity on a first come - first serve basis. 

More information about the magic of the horses you will find on this page, as well as a video at the very bottom of this page, where in a 8min self-test I demonstrate exactly how it works. 

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to write us at: :). 


Please click below and sign up. 

If you are interested to join the workshop with the horses - please scroll on :). 

We look forward to welcoming you there! 


Where will the workshop be? 

An hour outside Stockholm. 

We will be hosted by the wonderful Slängsboda Arabstuteri of Louise Wales. 

The address: Mörtsunda Byvag 5 / 76112 Bergshamra Sweden. 

Check out their website:


Workshop Details 


1 October 2022 

Start at 1pm 

4hour workshop (with an open end)


An hour outside Stockholm. 

We will be hosted by the wonderful Slängsboda Arabstuteri of Louise Wales. 

The address: Mörtsunda Byvag 5 / 76112 Bergshamra Sweden. 

Check out their website:

What is the agenda? 

Finding the horse frequency & reaching the manifestation frequency is a very individual process. 

That is why this workshop is created based on the individual desires, goals & needs of the participants.

There will be a mix of theoretical part, but mainly we will be working with the horses, both in group exercises and individual exercises. 

What to do you need to prepare? 

Nothing. But we do recommend you take the rest of that day off, this is highly energetic work and whilst your soul is being lit up to new levels, your body needs time to catch up and will need rest after this experience ;). 

Also, we do recommend you bring a topic that you wish to manifest (eg. I would like to manifest a new partner, more clients etc. etc.). 

What will you learn? 

- In a nutshell reading the energy of horses & people 

- You will make a huge jump in your confidence and your ability to believe what is possible for you 

- A good understanding of where is the frequency "right" & how can we take ourselves into higher & higher frequencies 

- Getting to your very own manifestation frequency. 

- Actually practicing manifestation - releasing the blocks & manifesting your dreams. 

Who is this workshop for? 

This workshop is dedicated to any woman with a desire for more, that is already in a positive space but is ready to tap into the energy of allowing magic into their lives.

Booking link below :). 



1 Ticket: 111 EUR*

attention - early bird ends on the 26th at midnight.


VIP OPTION includes an additional 1-2-1 90 min strategy session with Nadia online. 

*Prices excl. 20% VAT /

No VAT for business owners - please see 2 separate forms below! 

** Terms & Conditions Apply**


By filling out the form below you book the workshop! 

Attention max. participants: 8

Frist come, first serve ;). 


Sure: contact us at

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Credit Card, Klarna, through form below.

For regular Bank transfer, please contact us by Email:


The Magic of Attraction... 

No matter where you are in your journey with your life, your clients, or your manifestation journey,

The horses give you the unique opportunity to test your frequency, your attraction and manifestation skills,

and set them on fire... 

I am beyond excited to share this journey with you and to empower your manifestation game. 

This is just the beginning... 


PS: Curious to understand what it means to use the "horse energy"..?? 

Check out my "Self-test" video below to understand the "MAGIC" that these creatures are capable of when it comes to reading your subconscious... 

Mirela Sula.jpg

“Nadia is very easy to remember because her topic is very interesting. What I really love about Nadia is she treats her brand like her best love affair. Nadia is one of my favourite speakers at Global Woman Club and I will definitely to invite her to speak again.”

Mirela Sula , Founder of Global Woman Club

  • What is the process of a Horse Coaching Session or Workshop?
    The majority of the workshops and coaching sessions we run, and in particular the individual sessions are all different. There is of course an overall structure or agenda to every session. But what happens in the sessions itself is never structured, but depends on what shows up in the process that we are going through. In general, we work partly with the horses and sometimes we do exercises and reflective work in-between without the horses. After the session (about 10-14 days later), there is always a quick follow up - either a meeting with all workshop participants on zoom, or a quick voice message on messenger. This is important in order to make sure, all coachees and participants are on track and feeling good.
  • What do I need to wear and what do I need to bring?
    We will be working outside with the horses, so you need to make sure that you have weather proof clothes. The workshop will take place even if the weather is not ideal, (so unless it is raining "cats and dogs"). You need to make sure that you wear appropriate shoes (no sandals allowed) like sneakers or good walking shoes. The clothes you bring can get dirty so we recommend to take something washable. We will provide you with drinks and some snacks, but we always recommend to bring a bottle of water for your trip home.
  • Will the workshop or my session still take place in bad weather?
    We always follow through with the workshops and 1-2-1 sessions even if the weather is not ideal. The weather plays an important role in the coaching and forms part of the coaching experience. The horses dont mind the bad weather at all, just us humans do ;). Conditions under which we do not coach: 1) SNOW 2) Under 12C temperature. 3) Storm & massive rain.
  • Do I need experience with horses in advance?
    You (and your team) don't need to have any experience with horses in advance. The horses can work with anyone. No matter if you are an experienced rider or have never been in touch with a horse.
  • What if I have fear of horses?
    We have worked with a lot of people that have had (different levels) of fear of horses. In our experience, EVERY single person that faced their fear of horses at our facilities, fell completely in love with the horses and had a massive breakthrough in their personal development journey.
  • In which languages do you provide the coaching?
    We mainly work in English, but we also work in German. For some languages we can co-facilitiate with other coaches if necessary, in particular in Belgium.
  • Where do the workshops take place?
    We offer workshops in Belgium, Vienna, Austria, Stockholm, Zurich, Munich, California & Dubai. To see more about our main Location and Partner Stables, check out Location Overview.
  • Can I bring my dog?
    Unfortunately, we have had bad experiences with dogs on the side during our Workshops & Coachings. It presents a significant risk to both the dog and the horses. Additionally, our workshops and coaching sessions involve profound emotional work, and we've observed that having dogs on site can be distracting for both the participants and the horses, disrupting their experience and the process.
  • How much capacity do you have in one Team Building session?
    The ideal group size is about 8 people. But also bigger groups around 12–15 people are welcome. Under this condition, we are working with a second coach to provide the complete coaching experience.
  • What areas do you offer to work on with companies?
    We offer 4 types of coaching sessions. 1. Confident Leadership, We have a special program for young/junior female leaders 2. Impact on Stage and Speaking 3. Sales & Getting to YES 4. Team Building Workshops / High Performing Teams
  • Can I bring my kids?
    To the coffee and horses free events we of course welcome kids. In the workshops however we do deep emotional work and we have found that having children on site, distracts both the participants and the horses from the healing journey and process. If you want to bring your kids before or after the workshop to spend some cuddle time with the horses, you are more than welcome to do so.
  • Do you offer coaching sessions just about horsemanship?
    Yes we do. Horsemanship is a part of energetic work with horses. However we would recommend instead of individual work on horsemanship or energetic work with horses, that you tune into "The Horse-Frequency" Workshop - series.
  • Can I bring my own horse to participate in the Private Session?
    This will have to be discussed on an individual basis, usually Nadia prefers to work with Arabian Horses and/or her horses, and it is has certain benefits to work with horses that you do not know because they give you a non-biased view. When we work with horses that we have a close connection to, we may associate certain behaviours as "he always does this ..." he always does this when..." versus an objective mirroring behaviour that the horses always offer, but the participant may not be able to see.
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