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A FREE 111 Minute Masterclass... 

In the last 2 years I have manifested incredible things, unbelievable things. 

To give you a few examples: 

- I manifested the love of my life in 2020 (this was when I had no clue about how manifestation works). 

- I manifested paid for dream vacations 

- I manifested free VIP invitations

- I manifested the wildest opportunities for my businesses. 

- I manifested solutions out of thin air 

My clients call me the "Manifestation Queen",

because of the magnitude of the things I manifest, 

the speed in which I manifest,

and the ease with which I manifest. 

And I have successfully taught them to manifest the wildest things using the strategies that I have used. 

In this Masterclass I will cover my personal 11 secrets I discovered about Manifestation in the last 2 years of becoming an energetic match for my wildest dreams, on the path of expansion and tapping into the energy of the quantum field. 

It doesn't matter where you are in your manifestation journey...

if you are good at manifesting parking spots,

or believe you have never manifested anything,

or if you are already pretty good at it and would like some additional secret sauce to manifest.... 

If you have been part of my manifestation course (with or without horses) this course will land even more deeply for you! 

A recording will be available for 11 days after the class :). 

Let's have some fun! 

11/11/2022 at 2.22 PM for 111 minutes. 



MY 11 Manifestation Secrets... 

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“Nadia is very easy to remember because her topic is very interesting. What I really love about Nadia is she treats her brand like her best love affair. Nadia is one of my favourite speakers at Global Woman Club and I will definitely to invite her to speak again.”

Mirela Sula , Founder of Global Woman Club

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